Hi all,

RebootApalooza – The Game Jam : : Reboot any of the Old games you love!

and Welcome to:

Huge Thanks for dropping by!  Hope you enjoy this game jam experience and get to create awesomely cool Reboots / prototypes! 

So, what can you Reboot? Basically any old game you might like. From any platform, being Arcade, Console or PC (Amiga / Atari ST / Mac, etc). And, do you have to stick 100% to the original design? Nope! Feel free to be creative and give it your own twist! If just wish to clone with updated art and stop there, it’s okay as well… The important thing is to have fun, learn and/or practice while doing so. Hey, you can even make it even a combination of more than one game? Who knows!

Legal / rules notes: The event is being hosted @ game jam hosting services – so in order to participate you need to register over there (if not already a registered member) and agree to their platform terms. In addition to the hosting platform terms, there’s also our terms; and by registering at the event, you are also agreeing that such rules and terms, *even while not readily available at the moment – since we’re still revising them*, are going to be available at this very same page and that you need to abide to them prior to your final game submission as well.

Although the event has been planned for our group, it’s really meant to be shared and open to the whole community of game developers out there.  We do invite you all to join our group as well.

Some Important things to know:

  • Legal: Unity Technologies and Facebook are not affiliated in any means to this event.
  • The game jam is being hosted at, thus you need to abide and agree to their rules in oder to open an account as well as to be able to register for the game jam, in addition to our own event rules.
  • Games needs be developed with Unity game engine – since it’s an event of our group, and our group is based on Unity game engine.
  • We’ll have 3 categories running:  

    1) 2D Games Reboot
    2) 3D Games Reboot
    3) ‘Already in development’ games (and an invitational one). 

    Only the first 2 categories will be judged, to identify ‘winners’ at, namely: 2D and 3D Reboot games, respectively.  

    The invitational one* (the 3rd category) ‘Already in development’ games, will not be judged by our event judges, they’ll only get popularity votes issued by the whole community in a friendly way. They’ll only be here to share with us, while exposing their games in development to the community, – so we help ’em get exposure – not to have their work be judged.

No Prizes, just for fun and recognition:

I don’t foresee that there be prizes for the event.  I’ll let you all know during the progress of the event, if this situation changes somehow, but I’m hereby making a clear note, that we’re not offering no prizes and that this event is rather a:  just for fun, learning experience and networking one.

Finally (but not less important):

The aim of this game jam is to have fun, learn, and network with other devs! – For the ones that could be joining in, at our special invitational category of: ‘Already in development’ games – I do really hope you all get enough audience and exposition.  Of course, this will depend on how much the event gets shared, around by the indie-friendly media; so, if you guys do have a channel, podcast, social media place, etc.  We do humbly encourage you, to give a shootout about it – I honestly hope the event be of help for you all!